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How to Easily Register a Company in Hong Kong.

Starting up a new company can be strenuous and challenging but it has its financial rewards in the future. Among the challenges of starting a new company is the registration process that requires a lot of documents some of which you may not understand their benefit. You can use a lot of time and resources when starting up a new business especially when you are opening the business in a foreign country. Nowadays, it is easier to open a new company because of the emergence of company opening agencies which do all the paper work on behalf of the client at a fee.

One of the most preferred business destination in the world is Hong Kong. Many people prefer opening businesses in Hong Kong because opening a limited company there is simple, fast and cheap. The taxation system in Hong Kong is also very simple and cheap for all types of businesses. It is possible for people from any part of the world to open a business in Hong Kong without Living there. Company registration agencies like Asia Explorer Consultancy company can help in the company formation and registration process as well as the management of the business.

Clients of the company formation agencies can also enjoy the services of virtual offices they provide in Hong Kong. The agencies provide the virtual offices because the government requires all limited companies to set up offices in Hong Kong and hire secretaries. The need of renting an actual office and hiring a secretary is banished by the availability of virtual offices. All you need is to find a consultation agency like Asia Explore who can give you a virtual office with a registered address. The cost of a virtual office and secretary are can be kept low because the secretary and the office can be used by multiple companies.

Opening up a company in Hong Kong don’t need your physical presence. Email conversations or phone calls can be used when explaining your intended business properties to the company formation agencies in Hong Kong and the registration fee sent through PayPal or bank transfer. During the registration process, the agents can send documents that require your signature through carrier services and you resend them back to them after signing.

Opening a multi-currencies business bank account in Hong Kong is the only part that require your physical presence. The business proposal that is a requirement in the bank registration process can be completed with the help of Asia Explorer consultancy Agency. The company formation agents can do the bank account application for you before you come to Hong Kong for the actual account opening. Some agencies can also give you accounting and auditing services.

How I Became An Expert on Services

How I Became An Expert on Services

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